• Fat Sam Music & Multimedia is a local recording and music reproduction, plus web design service aimed primarily at the local singer/songwriter, musician, small band and similar acts.

  • We have a totally digital recording studio using top of the range pro digital gear (Focusrite, ProTool etcs) delivering the utmost quality, with all the usual vocal and instrumental effects plus facilities for DAT and CD/DVD/Bluray backup.

  • We have a vast experience in web design, simple sites, interactive sites, database driven sites, add your own shop or anything else you need!

  • Also check out our "Other interesting Things" area, where you will see some of the other things we can do - got old cassettes, DAT tapes from previous recording sessions or even vinyl, that you want to re-master or transfer to CD or MP3's? Want to do small run CD/DVD duplication (from just 10 units upwards), or even set up online purchasing by track album or whatever you wish - all at sensible prices. Want to do a special one track recording for a birthday or Christmas present (great for the kids to do for Mum or Grandma!)

TALK TO US ABOUT IT we can do that for you!

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